Here's what you get with this new program:

  • A complete system that consistently delivers results for clients.

  • You will get training to assess, correct, and progress your clients who struggle with common lower extremity issues whether they are due to overuse, incomplete rehab, improper training, post rehab, and more.

  • PLUS we will give you a quick start guide, program design template, key exercises to avoid, and the key corrective exercises to utilize for client success.

  • You will have immediate and unlimited access to the information.

  • You will quickly become your clients #1 resource for assessing, correcting, and progressing them on lower extremity exercises.

You Will....

  • Receive the proven assessment and corrective exercises to become THE resource to your clients.

  • Master the principles of the Integrative Movement SystemTM to apply and use as your guide with each and every client session.

  • Learn advanced strategies to safely progress, modify, or regress your clients during their sessions.

  • Receive our actual program template to use with each and every client.

Check out what is inside the program and keep scrolling to see the amazing bonuses included for free!

Module 1: Corrective Exercise Strategies for Knee Issues – Part I

  • Anatomy, Biomechanics and Motor Control-The Knee Part I: (34:00)

  • Understanding Function of the Knee and Lower Extremity (16:00)

  • Introduction: The Knee (3:00)

  • Postural Assessment-Standing Alignment (3:22)

  • Single Leg Stance Assessment (2:00)

  • Squat Assessment for Knee Alignment (3:00)

  • Seated Knee Alignment (1:00)

  • Foam Roll Release for Adductors and Hamstrings (1:00)

  • Foam Roll Release for Posterior-Lateral-Anterior Hip & Thigh (2:00)

  • Lying Ball Isometric for Improving Femur-Tibia Alignment (2:00)

  • Lying Ball Curl Pattern (4:00)

  • Conclusion (1:00)



Module 2: Corrective Exercise Strategies for Knee Issues – Part 2

  • Review of Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Motor Control – The Knee Part II (21:00)

  • Corrective Exercise and Functional Movement Patterns (12:00)

  • Introduction: (3:00)

  • Mindful Release Hamstrings (1:00)

  • Mindful Release Hip Flexors (1:00)

  • TPC and Foot Tripod Alignment (1:00)

  • Supported Hip Hinge  (2:00)

  • Hip Hinge Pattern (1:00)

  • Supported Squat (1:00)

  • Hip Hinge Bridge Pattern Progressions (3:00)

  • Conclusion (2:00)

Module 3: Corrective Exercise Strategies for Knee Issues – Part 3

  • Integration of Principles and Concepts Parts I and II (25:00)

  • Functional Movement Patterns (16:00)

  • Introduction: (3:00)

  • Squat and Lunge Patterns (1:00)

  • Step-ups  (2:00)

  • Training the Hamstring Complex-Ball Curls (1:00)

  • Stiff Legged Deadlift (2:00)

  • Reach Pattern an Progressions (5:00)

  • High Cable Bilateral Reaches-Parallel Stance (1:00)

  • Waist Height Cable Resisted Bilateral Reaches-Parallel Stance (1:00)

  • Low Cable Unilateral Cable Resisted Reaches in Split Stance (1:00)

  • Conclusion (2:00)


Module 4: The Foot & Ankle – Restoring Stability and Mobility – Part 1

  • Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Motor Control of the Ankle and Foot Complex (34:00)

  • Corrective Exercise Training for Pronation and Supination (19:00)

  • Introduction (1:00)

  • Corrective Exercise Training of Pronation and Supination (5:00)

  • Toe Dissociation Pattern (3:00)

  • Squat Pattern (4:00)

  • Split Squat (3:00)

  • Split Squat with Elevated Rear Leg (3:00)

  • Lateral Lunge with Foot Control (4:00)

  • Conclusion (1:00)



Module 5: The Foot & Ankle – Restoring Stability and Mobility – Part 2

  • Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Motor Control of the Ankle and Foot Complex – Part II (14:00)

  • Understanding the Function of the Tibialis Anterior (7:00)

  • Introduction (1:00)

  • Release of Posterior Muscles (6:00)

  • Lengthening (4:00)

  • Activating Tibialis Anterior (3:00)

  • Squat (3:00)

  • Split Squat (3:00)

  • Frontal Lunge (2:00)

  • Conclusion (2:00)

Module 6: The Foot & Ankle – Restoring Stability and Mobility – Part 3

  • Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Motor Control of the Ankle and Foot Complex – Part III (8:00)

  • Understanding the Function of the Tibialis Posterior and Peroneus Longus (10:00)

  • Introduction (3:00)

  • Tibialis Posterior and Peroneus Longus (3:00)

  • Releasing Tibialis Posterior and Peroneus Longus (6:00)

  • Activating Tibialis Posterior (2:00)

  • Activating Peroneus Longus (2:00)

  • Integrating Tibialis Posterior and Peroneus Longus (3:00)

  • Lateral Toe Walks (2:00)

  • Balancing (3:00)

  • Conclusion (2:00)



We put together SIX bonuses to allow to you quickly and efficiently begin implementing the information. From the Quick Start Guide to the SEVEN exercises to Avoid, these bonuses alone are worth the cost of the entire course!

Why I Created the Bonuses...

As the creator of this program I know I’m biased. However, I truly believe that the Bonuses included for you are alone worth more than the price of the program. In these Bonuses, I’ve simplified the entire approach that you’ll discover in the 6 Modules of the Complete Hip, Knee, Ankle-Foot Conditioning 2.0 program.

In Bonus #1, (7 videos) I demonstrate the 7 Corrective Exercise patterns we use most frequently with our clients to solve chronic hip, knee and foot/ankle issues. With this information, you will be able to confidently guide your clients through the most effective corrective exercises to improve function while reducing chronic tightness pain injury and weaknesses in the lower extremity complex.

In Bonus #2, (7 videos) You’ll discover the 7 key principles that make up the foundation of developing optimal and efficient hip, knee and ankle/foot function so that you truly understand how the lower extremity complex works and why I’ve strategically included certain exercises and omitted others. Additionally, from this information you will be able to choose and teach your clients the most appropriate corrective as well as functional exercise patterns that are required to develop and/or maintain healthy knee, ankles and feet.

In Bonus #3, (7 videos) I discuss the 7 exercises and/or strategies you want to modify or eliminate because knowing what to stop doing with individuals that are currently experiencing chronic knee and/or foot/ankles issues is as important – and sometimes more important – than knowing what to do. Many of the exercises and cues I discuss in this section are things that I learned over 20 years ago and are still being taught today. I can say with confidence that if I had access to this information alone, I could have helped so many more of my patients in my early years of practice.

In Bonus #4,(5 videos) I have included 5 of the simplest and easiest to use assessments which while simple, will still provide you with the best information as to your clients current movement habits AND if they are optimal or not.  These assessments will help you easily decide your corrective strategies to implement for improvement.

In Bonus #5, (PDF Download) I’ve provided you with a Program Design Template, so you can begin incorporating the corrective exercise patterns into the programs you’re already using with success to help your clients develop improved alignment and control of their shoulder complex. The Program Design Template that is included in this program is a step-by-step template that will allow you to get started right away helping your clients eliminate chronic tightness or tension, improve range of motion and strength, and strategically help them work towards accomplishing their health and fitness goals (will be available 5 days after purchase because we want you to learn, than implement).

Bonus #6, (PDF Download) The Quick Start Guide.  There is a plethora of information in this program.  The biggest question we always receive is, 'Where do I start?'  This will answer that question and more about the the what, why and how of working with the knees, ankles and feet.

When you complete these Bonus sections, you will have the information, tools, and strategies to help so many individuals experiencing knee, ankle and foot issues. Often times issues that indivduals haven’t found relief from traditional therapy and/or exercise approaches.

And through this process, you will differentiate yourself in the industry and become that go-to resource in your facility and your community. Additionally, our goal is that with this information, you are able to attract many more individuals that want, need, and will pay you for your expertise because your current clients will rave about you to their friends, family, and co-workers because of their results with you.

Yes! I would like to take action now AND PURCHASE FOR JUST $197.00!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are unhappy with the program and feel it truly does not serve you or your clients in any way just email us at [email protected] within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund your payment in full.  We will likely ask for feedback.  Creating the products to best serve our customers is our top priority.


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