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The Anatomy of Rotation

Discover the fundamental components and how the nervous system, joints, and muscles contribute to efficient rotation.

What's Included:

  • 3 two-hour+ live webinars (topics include Hip, Shoulder and Ankle & Foot)
  • Unlimited online access to session recordings on all devices.
  • CEC's available in 2023 (as individually webinar series - 0.6 / 6 through NASM, AFAA & ACE)
  • LIVE March 18th, April 1st & May 6th


  • how rotation is influenced by a coordination between the deep and superficial myofascial systems.
  • the contribution of postural control and breathing to rotation.
  • how to assess and determine where your client needs to improve their rotation.
  • how to choose and utilize the most effective corrective and functional exercises to improve rotational strength, endurance, and power.

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