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The Integrative Movement System is based on the principles of human function and movement. This program was created for health and fitness professionals who are looking to meet the very specific needs, wants and, challenges that each client presents.

Each module is designed to take your perspective, assessment and application in the areas of functional anatomy, assessment, biomechanics, corrective exercise, and program planning to the next level.

This is a small group setting of health and fitness professionals. The IMS Team of professionals who have completed the program is made up of a diverse group of health and fitness professionals.

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What is the Integrative Movement System?


Two Anatomy Geeks™ 

Check out this fun and interactive way to learn anatomy and, more importantly, be able to apply this knowledge directly to your client's training program.

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IMS in Chicago

Get back to doing what you need, love and want to do by working with one of our Integrative Movement Specialists in Chicago. 

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