Squat: Fundamental Movement Patterns with Dr. Evan Osar


Dr. Evan Osar - author of Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunctions - discusses a common cause of hip mobility issues, impingement, and even low back issues and why external bands can perpetuate problems. And a #posturecorrection to improve #posture and movement. 

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Anterior Rotation: Why you need it and why you must train it - Part I

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Shoulder pain and rehab exercises


Shoulder pain after rehab exercises a potential problem.

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Best Exercises for the Rotator Cuff


Did you know that 1 in 3 older adults have either a partial tear or full thickness tear in their rotator cuff?

In this edition of Integrative Movement Insider™, Dr. Evan Osar - author of Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunctions - shares three things - including the 3 best exercises - you can use to help educate and empower your clients if they have rotator cuff issues.


For more about the rotator cuff, check out the link below:


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Balance Issues Coming from the Neck?

Balance Issues?
Could be your client’s neck?

Fall Prevention Awareness. Dr. Evan Osar discusses a common and often overlooked cause of balance issues.
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Control of Thoracic Rotation

Training rotation, more specifically - the control of thoracic rotation - is one of the most important aspects that should be a part of every training program.
 Improved control of thoracic rotation will improve:
 👉🏾postural control
And control of rotation naturally carries over to most sports.
3 Keys to Successful Control of Thoracic Rotation:
🗝 Maintain a long spine and rotate on an axis.
🗝🗝 Don’t over-rotate - more is not better.
🗝🗝🗝 More optimal control of a shorter range is better than suboptimal control of a larger range.
Incorporate thoracic rotation into the pushing and pulling patterns to train higher-level control.
🤓🧠🤓 To discover more on how to assess and train thoracic rotation, check out The Two Anatomy Geeks™️: Anatomy of Rotation.
Purchase Anatomy of Rotation by 10/1/2023 using coupon code ROTATE50 and save 50% on the purchase price.
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Thoracic Mobility or Rotation? What Does Your Client Need?


Thoracic Mobility or Thoracic Rotation? Which does your client need? What’s the difference?

In this edition of Integrative Movement Insider, Dr. Osar discusses the difference between mobility and rotation and why you must know the difference when you’re training your clients with neck tightness or low back pain.

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Best Exercise to Improve Hip Rotation


Dr. Osar shares the best ways to improve hip rotation.

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Best Shoulder Exercise


Use this for clients who struggle with shoulder issues.

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Strength Training for Back Pain. Is There More to be Done?


Strengthening the back…. Is that all that is needed? Do you train clients with low back pain? Should you use end range spinal flexion exercises to improve strength?

When your client has low back pain, strength training is important.  Low back pain exercises need to include more than just strength training.  In this post, you will learn key strategies beyond strengthening exercises for working with clients with low back pain.

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