Low Back Pain: The Best Corrective Exercise For Your Clients


Dr. Evan Osar discusses low back pain. What backstrength exercises you shouldn’t be doing with your clients?
He also shares the number one thing you should be evaluating in your clients with low back pain.
And the number one corrective exercise we do for low back pain.

Dr. Osar offers practical guidance on teaching clients to achieve better core stabilization and breathing strategies, thus, promoting a more sustainable and injury-free lifestyle. By prioritizing a comprehensive and informed approach you can empower clients with effective strategies for managing chronic conditions like low back pain and improving their overall quality of life.

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Balance Issues Coming from the Neck?

Balance Issues?
Could be your client’s neck?

Fall Prevention Awareness. Dr. Evan Osar discusses a common and often overlooked cause of balance issues.
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Strength Training for Back Pain. Is There More to be Done?


Strengthening the back…. Is that all that is needed? Do you train clients with low back pain? Should you use end range spinal flexion exercises to improve strength?

When your client has low back pain, strength training is important.  Low back pain exercises need to include more than just strength training.  In this post, you will learn key strategies beyond strengthening exercises for working with clients with low back pain.

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