Learn the 3 Keys to Optimal Roation


What is the most important movement pattern to improve balance, walking, and sports performance?

If you answered rotation, you’re spot on.

Rotation is key to life, walking, and sports. The loss of rotation leads to deleterious impacts on bone density, muscle mass, and independence.

3 keys to rotation:

1. Align thoracopelvic cylinder

2. Rotate on an axis

3. Use corrective exercise patterns to set up quality of motion.

Use integrative movement to develop competency and strength. Use power to develop dynamic control .

Coming in one week: Anatomy of Rotation with Two Anatomy Geeks


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Optimal Rotation is Key To Fundamental Movement Patterns


What movement will help your client’s balance, their walking, and their ability to succeed at most sports?

Rotation. Optimal rotation is one of the fundamental movement patterns required for walking, running, and most sports. And with injury, surgery, and over-training, rotation is one of the first movements to be compromised.

Dr. Osar discusses the factors that contribute to rotation and he previews the upcoming brand new series of Two Anatomy Geeks™, Anatomy of Rotation. 

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