Focus on Shoulder Internal Rotation


Why focus on shoulder internal rotation with your clients with forward shoulder posture? The forward shoulder is a common postural compensation when an individual has compromised internal rotation.

Dr. Evan Osar of Two Anatomy Geeks™ discusses there are significant changes in shoulder rotation when you respect alignment, breathing, and control.

April 1st is the second part in the series of Two Anatomy Geeks™! Dr. Evan and Jill Leary will be sharing:

what creates and what inhibits optimal shoulder rotation and why loss of mobility leads to the forward shoulder posture

how to easily assess and improve - and maintain - shoulder rotation

how to integrate rotation training into your current training programs to help your clients improve stability, strength, and functional activities.

Two Anatomy Geeks™ is the most fun you’ve had learning and more importantly applying your anatomy knowledge.


See you Saturday at 9:00am...

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Carry Pattern for Older Adults


Carry Pattern - one of the best patterns for older adults, and a common cause of shoulder and neck issues.

Dr. Evan Osar, author of Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunctions, discussed and demonstrated how the carry pattern can drive shoulder and neck issues in this week's Facebook Live. He explained how to use carry patterns to improve posture, balance, and walking in older adults.

Dr. Evan Osar and Jill Leary will begin their next Two Anatomy Geeks Series, The Anatomy of Gait, Saturday, March 5th at 9am (CST).

Registration for this event is still open!

This series will focus on:

  • anatomy of walking including the hamstrings, the anterior and posterior oblique chains, and the role of the SIJ
  • easy to perform assessments and corrective exercise to improve walking
  • functional exercise progressions to improve posture, balance, and walking speed.

This is guaranteed to be the most fun you’ve had learning and more importantly, applying your anatomy...

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