Strength Training for Back Pain. Is There More to be Done?


Strengthening the back…. Is that all that is needed? Do you train clients with low back pain? Should you use end range spinal flexion exercises to improve strength?

When your client has low back pain, strength training is important.  Low back pain exercises need to include more than just strength training.  In this post, you will learn key strategies beyond strengthening exercises for working with clients with low back pain.

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Do you Focus on Goals or The Process


Dr. Osar shares:

  • A recent client interaction
  • Goals and the Process
  • Invitation and join more and learn how to use a system

Join us in Chicago in September 2023.

Join us online in November 2023.

Module 1: Integrative Movement System™ Foundations

One of the most challenging aspects when working with the general population is knowing where to begin and how to appropriately progress them toward their goals. In this interactive, virtual intensive, you will discover the foundation for helping your clients optimize their performance to effectively and safely accomplish their health and fitness goals.
During this 15-hour intensive live workshop, you will be guided through the Integrative Movement SystemTM, our systematic approach to assessments, corrective exercise, and functional exercise progressions for the core, hips, and shoulders.
You will learn why a systematic process is far more valuable and reliable than a toolbox full of random exercises....
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What You Need to Know About a Tight Psoas


Dr. Osar is the author of the book,  The Psoas Solution.  He spent a year studying research about the psoas, the spine, and more to write this comprehensive book. 

Check out what a pelvic floor therapist said about this video;

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The Best Way to Improve Thoracic Rotation


Best corrective exercise for improving spinal health and thoracic rotation.

Dr.Evan Osar shares the simplest way to achieve and maintain optimal rotation.


For more information on incorporating breathwork to improve posture, movement, and performance, check out: 

Breath: For Posture, For Movement, For Performance

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Is There a Link Between Posture and Performance


Posture doesn’t matter???

Dr. Evan Osar discusses a recent research article looking at the link between posture and performance. The effect of a course of selected corrective exercises on posture, scapula-humeral rhythm and performance of adolescent volleyball players with upper cross syndrome (2023).

For more information on shoulder function, check out the Two Anatomy Geeks™️ series:

In this 3-part series (5-6 hours of CEU content), you’ll discover:

✅ how posture relates to the function of the rotator cuff;

✅ how to assess and use the best corrective exercises to address common postural issues impacting common shoulder issues;

✅ how to use your newfound knowledge to attract and help more clients who need your expertise.

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Exercise for Tight Shoulders


Got clients with scapular winging and shoulder tightness?

  • one of the most common reasons so many individuals struggle with chronic shoulder tightness;
  • one simple exercise to improve chronic shoulder tightness;
  • how to cue for solid shoulders with less tightness. 

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What Not to do for Clients with Low Back Pain

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Living on P.U.R.P.O.S.E. - with Dr. Osar

evan osar goals life purpose Jun 20, 2023

Watch Dr. Osar's keynote and examples of living life on purpose. 

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Fall Prevention Training: Practical Exercise Progressions.

1 in 3 adults over 65 will fall and sustain a serious injury. Health and fitness professionals are the solution.
Dr. Evan Osar - discusses practical exercise progressions for including balance training in your programs.
Looking for more information about real-world balance training?
Check out the online resource Two Anatomy Geeks: Anatomy of Posture, Balance, and Walking.
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Low Back Pain After Rowing.

Low back pain after rowing? Here’s a common reason why.
Dr. Evan Osar discusses how many individuals row themselves into low back issues.
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