Squat: Fundamental Movement Patterns with Dr. Evan Osar


Dr. Evan Osar - author of Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunctions - discusses a common cause of hip mobility issues, impingement, and even low back issues and why external bands can perpetuate problems. And a #posturecorrection to improve #posture and movement. 

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Shoulder pain and rehab exercises


Shoulder pain after rehab exercises a potential problem.

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Best Shoulder Exercise


Use this for clients who struggle with shoulder issues.

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The Best Way to Improve Thoracic Rotation


Best corrective exercise for improving spinal health and thoracic rotation.

Dr.Evan Osar shares the simplest way to achieve and maintain optimal rotation.


For more information on incorporating breathwork to improve posture, movement, and performance, check out: 

Breath: For Posture, For Movement, For Performance

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Exercise for Tight Shoulders


Got clients with scapular winging and shoulder tightness?

  • one of the most common reasons so many individuals struggle with chronic shoulder tightness;
  • one simple exercise to improve chronic shoulder tightness;
  • how to cue for solid shoulders with less tightness. 

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What Not to do for Clients with Low Back Pain

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Living on P.U.R.P.O.S.E. - with Dr. Osar

evan osar goals life purpose Jun 20, 2023

Watch Dr. Osar's keynote and examples of living life on purpose. 

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Fall Prevention Training: Practical Exercise Progressions.

1 in 3 adults over 65 will fall and sustain a serious injury. Health and fitness professionals are the solution.
Dr. Evan Osar - discusses practical exercise progressions for including balance training in your programs.
Looking for more information about real-world balance training?
Check out the online resource Two Anatomy Geeks: Anatomy of Posture, Balance, and Walking.
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Low Back Pain After Rowing.

Low back pain after rowing? Here’s a common reason why.
Dr. Evan Osar discusses how many individuals row themselves into low back issues.
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Training Clients with Low Back Pain at Any Level


Dr. Osar shares research that shows similarities between people who have low back pain at any training level from the aging population to high-level athletes.

Also in this video: Easy-to-use assessments and how to get started.

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