Breath: For Posture, For Movement, For Performance

The Breath: for Posture, for Movement, for Performance program was created for health and fitness professionals just like you who have been looking for a practical resource for learning how incorporate breath training to improve flexibility, strength, and balance. You will be able to immediately integrate each practical lesson into your client’s current training programs.

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Do you work with client’s who struggle with chronic hip or low back tightness? How about those who are dealing with degenerative changes of the spine, hips, or knees?  There is one activity that can dramatically improve your client’s posture, mobility, and performance. This one activity is breathing.

This Program Will Include:

With 7+ hours of content, you will be introduced to the role of breathing and how it: 

  • functions in posture and movement  
  • contributes to common issues like chronic tightness, falls, and discomfort
  • is the key to improving posture, movement, and performance in your older clients

In the Breath: for Posture, for Movement, for Performance program, you’ll learn: 

  • the primary breathing muscles and how they are linked to posture and movement
  • how to assess and train breathing whether working one-on-one, in a small group setting, or in the virtual setting
  • how to integrate breath training to improve balance, strength, and performance

After participating in this series, you’ll be able to confidently guide your clients through: 

  • assessments to determine their current breathing habits
  • the most appropriate corrective exercises including myofascial release and neuromuscular activation strategies to develop optimal breathing habits
  • functional training to incorporate breath into the fundamental movement patterns required for occupation, recreation, and life 

Quick Start Guide

Get started with the program by downloading and reading Dr. Osar's Quick Start Guide. Learn more about the history of why he decided to create this course, how the course is laid out and the additional resources provided. 

Powerpoint Presentation:

Access each part of the powerpoint presentation with a downloadable PDF of the slides within each section. Use these handouts to follow along and make notes as you watch each recording. This will also help you when you take your continuing education quiz.

Video Library:

Finally, the bulk of the program is designed as a step-by-step guide for incorporating breath training into your current programs. In these instructional videos, I’ll demonstrate how to:

  • incorporate myofascial release and corrective exercise to facilitate more optimal breathing.
  • incorporate breathing into the fundamental movement patterns (squatting, lunging, bending, rotating, pushing, pulling, balance, carrying and walking)
  • utilize specific breathing strategies to improve posture and performance.

CECs Available in 2023:

NASM: 0.70 credits | AFAA: 7 credits | ACE: 0.80 credits

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are unhappy with the program and feel it truly does not serve you or your clients in any way just email us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund your payment in full.  We will likely ask for feedback.  Creating the products to best serve our customers is our top priority.


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