Fundamental Training Patterns for Shoulder Pain and Shoulder Pain Relief


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Best Shoulder Exercise


Use this for clients who struggle with shoulder issues.

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How to Improve Both Shoulder Mobility and Stability


Do you have clients mobilizing their shoulder like this? They’re actually just pulling their scapula off their rib cage and disrupting optimal stability. However, there’s a better way to improve both shoulder mobility and stability.

Dr. Evan Osar of the Two Anatomy Geeks™ discusses. If you’re interested in learning more about the shoulder - including the must do assessments, the best corrective exercises, and safe functional exercises for the older adult population - check out this brand new series.

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over 5 hours of shoulder anatomy - this knowledge will help you understand and explain why so many of your clients struggle with chronic shoulder tightness;

the best assessments and go-to corrective exercises for improving shoulder mobility and stability - so you can address rather than guess what to do;

go-to exercises and the exercises you should avoid with clients...

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