If you work with individuals who struggle with balance and walking, this series was created for you. 

In this series you’ll discover how posture and balance are linked to and influence walking. You’ll discover how walking is reliant optimal neurological input, joint function, and muscle control. You’ll discover common reasons why so many individuals lose walking efficiency…and more importantly, how to restore it. 

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Anatomy of Gait

Of all the movement patterns required for health and longevity, walking is among the most important. The ability to maintain one’s posture, balance, and walk is fundamental to health, vitality, and independence.

By applying the information you’ll learn in each module, you’ll be able to confidently work with a multitude of clients including:

  • individuals returning from physical therapy who haven’t yet gained the full strength and endurance required for longer walking; 
  • those who have diagnosed with balance and/or walking issues and been cleared to exercise;
  • as well as those dealing with common orthopedic/neurological issues and have trouble walking. 

With interactive lectures and creative visuals, you will discover the fundamental components and how the nervous system, joints, and muscles contribute to efficient walking. With a learn-by-doing process, you’ll be able to discern and choose the most effective corrective exercises to impact walking. Additionally, when you complete each module of the series, you’ll be able to immediately apply strategies for addressing the most common causes of chronic tightness, weakness, and compensated walking. 

Upon completion of this 3-part interactive, webinar series, you will be able to:

  • Confidently discuss how walking is influenced by and contributes to common posture and movement issues. 
  • Incorporate simple, yet effective corrective exercises to improve strength and endurance.  
  • Apply the most effective functional exercises to help your clients walk with greater efficiency and confidence.

In this three-module series, you’ll discover: 

  • The anatomy and biomechanics of the walking. 
  • How walking is influenced by the pelvis, sacroiliac, and hip joints.
  • The contribution of the knees, ankles, and feet to balance and walking. 
  • How to assess to determine what aspects of walking your client needs to improve. 
  • How to choose and utilize the most effective corrective exercises to improve walking and confidence. 

Whether you are working virtually or in person, this series will deliver information you can use right away in your client sessions. 

We are confident you will discover strategies to help your current clients while enhancing your confidence in working with walking related issues.

In this series

Episode 1

MODULE 1: The Pelvis and Sacroiliac Joints

  • Anatomy of Walking, The Pelvis, The Sacroiliac Joint in Walking 
  • Anatomy: Deep Longitudinal System - Erectors, Sacrotuberous Ligament, Sacroiliac ligaments, biceps femoris, and peroneus longus 
  • Assessment and Corrective Exercise for Pelvis and Sacroiliac Joint Stability 

Episode 2

MODULE 2: The Foot & Ankle in Walking

  • Foot & Ankle Anatomy
  • Backwards Walking
  • Assessment & Corrective Exercise for improving foot function

Episode 3

MODULE 3: Training Rotation for Walking Speed

  • TPC - A series of Stacked Rings
  • Rotation - 3 key regions
  • Strategies for improving fascial function


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