Maybe it is not just your clients.  Maybe you are like so many of the health and fitness professionals who come to study with us, not just for their clients but, they too are struggling with chronic neck and shoulder issues just like their clients. 

Guess what, you are not alone. We too, struggled for years helping our clients and ourselves overcome chronic tightness, pain, and injuries.  That is just one of the reasons this program is so unique.  When you follow this program, its principles and guidelines, you too may be able to help your clients and yourself move past the discomfort and return to activities that are necessary and fun with greater ease and less effort.

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We're extremely excited to share the Complete Shoulder Conditioning Program 2.0 with you. So that you are able to develop yourself into a shoulder specialist and so you have a truly complete resource on the shoulder; we’ve included a ton of information within this program. In fact, it’s the most complete resource created on the shoulder and how the shoulder relates to the neck and thorax.

Since there is so much useful content contained within this program, let me first share with you what you’re going to learn when you invest in the Complete Shoulder Conditioning 2.0 Program:

1. Discover exactly how the shoulder complex, neck, and upper thorax function

So that you are educated about what promotes optimal and efficient function as well as what commonly accepted practices actually contribute to issues of the shoulder, neck, and thorax.

· With this information alone, you will finally have an easy-to-use resource for understanding what constitutes optimal and efficient shoulder function. Additionally, with this information, you’ll be able to analyze all the exercises you’re already using as well as any exercises you learn in the future and determine their impact – whether they should be included, modified, and/or omitted – from your client’s or patient’s programs.

2. You will learn the exact exercises and strategies that produce the greatest results

Using simple modifications, you can instantly add to your current programs to dramatically improve the results you’re having on the training floor or in the clinic.

· With this information, you will be able to dramatically and very often, immediately help your clients or patients reduce chronic shoulder and neck tightness, improve range of motion, develop strength, and help them perform at their best.

3. You will uncover the secret to developing and executing a corrective exercise and functional training program that gets results with real world clients

This includes baby boomers and seniors, pre and post rehab, as well as those everyday folks simply looking to feel better, look better, and perform better.

· And you will discover just like I did that many training, rehabilitation, and performance approaches have been created for athletes and are not applicable to the everyday folks that the majority of us work with. And even many athletes that we consult with in our own clinic struggle with chronic shoulder and neck issues from the using the very strategies that are designed to improve these areas.

After completing the information in this course, you will not only understand why so many of these commonly accepted exercises, cues, and approaches can directly contribute to your clients or patient’s issues, you’ll be able to utilize a specific series of corrective exercises and strategies to help them improve their range of motion, flexibility, and strength in the process.

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Module 1: Improving Forward Head Posture

  • Part I: Improving the Forward Head Posture (14:00)
  • Part II: Improving the Forward Head Posture (14:00)
  • Introduction: The Neck & Shoulder (4:00)
  • Three Dimensional Breathing & Neck Traction (9:00)
  • Activating the Deep Neck Flexors (4:00)
  • Deep Neck Flexion & Neck Flexors (4:00)
  • Deep Neck Flexion & Neck Retractions (5:00)
  • Neck Alignment & Breathing in the Upright Position (3:00)
  • Modified Wall Plank (4:00)
  • Conclusion (2:00)

Module 2: Vertical Pushing & Pulling Patterns

  • Part I: Vertical Pushing & Pulling Patterns (10:00)
  • Part II: Vertical Pushing & Pulling Patterns (14:00)
  • Introduction: Vertical Patterns (3:00)
  • Standing Overhead ROM Assessment (3:00)
  • Neck ROM Self-Assessment (1:00)
  • Overhead Press Alignment & Control (2:00)
  • Overhead Pressing Patterns  (3:00)
  • High to Low Cable Pulldown  (4:00)
  • High to Low Unilateral Cable Pulldown (3:00)
  • Conclusion (1:00)

Module 3: Horizontal Pushing & Pulling Patterns

  • Part I: Horizontal Pushing & Pulling Patterns (13:40)
  • Part II: Horizontal Pushing & Pulling Patterns (13:00)
  • Introduction:  Neck & Shoulder (11:00)
  • Neck & Shoulder Alignment During Horizontal Patterns (2:00)
  • Modified Wall Plank with Elbow Extension (2:00)
  • Band Pull-Aparts (3:00)
  • Reclined Pull Up (3:00)
  • One-Arm Horizontal Cable Row (2:00)
  • Push Up (3:00)
  • One-Arm Horizontal Cable Chest Press (2:00)

Module 4: Shoulder Stabilization During Pushing Patterns

  • Part I: Shoulder Stabilization during Pushing Patterns (16:01)
  • Part II: Shoulder Stabilization during Pushing Patterns (14:31)
  • Modified Happy Baby Isometric (4:43)
  • Scapular Alignment (1:48)
  • Prone Lengthening (3:07)
  • Modified Wall Plank (4:32)
  • Elevated Push-up (4:52)
  • Cable Chest Press (5:25)
  • Part II Summary of Pushing Patterns (1:48)

Module 5: Shoulder Stabilization During Pulling Patterns

  • Overview and Introduction to the Shoulder (1:56)
  • Shoulder Stabilization during Pulling Patterns Part I -The role of the Serratus Anterior and how to release tight muscles (21:49)
  • Shoulder Stabilization during Pulling Pattern Part II -Recognizing dysfunction and exercise modification (12:12)
  • Optimal Alignment & Scapular Control (3:31)
  • Modified Happy Baby Isometric for Pulling Patterns (4:43)
  • Horizontal Cable Row Pattern (3:34)
  • Suspended Rows (3:32)
  • Summary of Pull Patterns (1:52)

Module 6: Integrating the Upper/Lower Trapezius and Serratus Anterior During Carrying and Loaded Exercises/Activities

  • Introduction to integrating Upper/Low Traps/Serratus Anterior into loaded exercises (2:45)
  • Functional Anatomy, Biomechanics, Corrective Exercise integrating the Upper/Lower Trapezius (12:59)
  • Integrating proper mechanics into carrying and lifting activities and exercises (12:30)
  • Teaching clients how to carry (4:58)
  • Carrying Patterns (4:45)
  • Deadlift Patterns (5:02)
  • Cable Deadlift Pattern (2:35)
  • The Shoulder: Conclusion (1:56)

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Why I Created the Bonuses...

As the creator of this program I know I’m biased. However, I truly believe that the Bonuses that I included for you are alone worth more than the price of the program. In these Bonuses, I’ve simplified the entire approach that you’ll discover in the 6 Modules of the Complete Shoulder Conditioning 2.0 program.

Bonus #1

You’ll discover the 7 key principles that make up the foundation of developing optimal and efficient shoulder, neck, and upper thorax function so that you truly understand how the shoulder works and why I’ve strategically included certain exercises and omitted others. Additionally, from this information you will be able to choose and teach your clients the most appropriate corrective as well as functional exercise patterns that are required to develop and/or maintain healthy shoulders, neck, and thorax.


Bonus #2

I demonstrate the 7 Corrective Exercise patterns we use most frequently with our clients and that Jenice and I used to solve our chronic shoulder and neck issues. With this information, you will be able to confidently guide your clients through the most effective corrective exercises to improve function while reducing chronic shoulder and neck tightness, discomfort, and weakness.

Bonus #3

I discuss the 7 exercises and/or strategies you want to modify or eliminate because knowing what to stop doing with individuals that are currently experiencing chronic shoulder and/or neck issues is as important – and sometimes more important – than knowing what to do. Many of the exercises and cues I discuss in this section are things that I learned over 20 years ago and are still being taught today. I can say with confidence that if I had access to this information alone, I could have avoided years of chronic shoulder issues and helped so many more of my patients in my early years of practice.

Bonus #4

I’ve provided you with a Program Design Template, so you can begin incorporating the corrective exercise patterns into the programs you’re already using with success to help your clients develop improved alignment and control of their shoulder complex. The Program Design Template that is included in this program is a step-by-step template that will allow you to get started right away helping your clients eliminate chronic tightness or tension, improve range of motion and strength, and strategically help them work towards accomplishing their health and fitness goals.

When you complete these 4 Bonus sections, you will have the information, tools, and strategies to help so many individuals experiencing chronic neck and shoulder issues that haven’t found relief from traditional therapy and/or exercise approaches.

And through this process, you will differentiate yourself in the industry and become that go-to resource in your facility and your community. Additionally, our goal is that with this information, you are able to attract many more individuals that want, need, and will pay you for your expertise because your current clients will rave about you to their friends, family, and co-workers because of their results with you.


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