Do you train women?  Do you train women who have had pelvic or abdominal surgery of any kind?

You likely do as annually:

  • One in three women give birth via Cesarean (1.3 million)
  • 700,000 women have a hysterectomy
    100,000+ women have an appendectomy
  • 32,000 women have ovarian cyst removals

The effects of these types of surgeries can be long-lasting and affect the most fundamental thing we need for life, like BREATHING to how a woman can move, exercise, and live her life to the fullest.

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Become the go-to resource for your clients if they had surgery six weeks to 60 years ago.

Fitness Pros: Training Clients Post Abdominal & Pelvic Surgeries

In this course, you will discover:

  • Easy to use assessments that will allow you to find critical factors holding your clients back while giving your clients immediate feedback of the changes they experience during each session
  • The Post Surgery Cycle helps you explain to your clients why they continue to struggle even years after surgery and how you can help them move beyond these challenges.
  • IMS Exercise Strategies will be essential in making lasting changes in your client's posture, breath, movement, and exercise.


  • ACE: 0.4 CECs
  • NASM: 0.4 CEUs
  • AFAA:  4 contact hours

What previous attendees had to say:

Phyllis P.

"It exceeded my expectations!"

Monique M.

"One of the best CEC's so far."

Janna Clark

“I, like many moms, saw my emergency c-section as my harrowing birth story and failed to recognize the long-term implication of such a major surgery.  According to the National Institute for Health, about 18% of all first-time mothers will have an emergency c-section with up to 15% of those women having complications from the surgery.  

As new moms, we are not only facing the emotional stress of a complicated birth, which leaves many of us questioning our bodies but we are also faced with the physical side effects of the surgery.  Eventually, scar tissue will cause hip and low back issues, but we never connect it to our birth story.  
It wasn’t until I was introduced to the work Jenice and Sara teach at a fitness conference that I connected my pain and my birth story.  This knowledge has saved me from constant hip and back pain while helping me reconnect with and love my body through gentle movements & breathing techniques.  
As a fitness professional, I am blessed not only to have my body back but also pass on the magic of this work to other women who are living in unnecessary pain.”