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IMS Foundations

During this online course, you will be guided through the Integrative Movement SystemTM, our systematic approach to assessments, corrective exercise, and functional exercise progressions for the core, hips, and shoulders. This course has been approved for CEC's in 2024 through ACE. 

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Anatomy of Rotation
Ongoing Self Study

Discover how alignment and joint control influence one’s ability to produce efficient rotation. Learn how postural control and breathing impact and can be used to improve rotation of the trunk, spine, and hips. By applying the information you’ll learn in each module, you’ll be able to confidently work with a multitude of clients. 

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Breath: For Posture, For Movement, For Performance
Ongoing self-study

The Breath: for Posture, for Movement, for Performance program was created for health and fitness professionals just like you who have been looking for a practical resource for learning how to incorporate breath training to improve flexibility, strength, and balance. You will be able to immediately integrate each practical lesson into your client’s current training programs.

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