Do you Focus on Goals or The Process


Dr. Osar shares:

  • A recent client interaction
  • Goals and the Process
  • Invitation and join more and learn how to use a system

Join us in Chicago in September 2023.

Join us online in November 2023.

Module 1: Integrative Movement System™ Foundations

One of the most challenging aspects when working with the general population is knowing where to begin and how to appropriately progress them toward their goals. In this interactive, virtual intensive, you will discover the foundation for helping your clients optimize their performance to effectively and safely accomplish their health and fitness goals.
During this 15-hour intensive live workshop, you will be guided through the Integrative Movement SystemTM, our systematic approach to assessments, corrective exercise, and functional exercise progressions for the core, hips, and shoulders.
You will learn why a systematic process is far more valuable and reliable than a toolbox full of random exercises. We will add to your exercise library, but more importantly, you will know when and how to use the most appropriate exercises and progressions.
You will be able to apply the core principles of IMS – alignment, breathing, and control – to create both short- and long-term changes in your client’s posture and movement while alleviating chronic tension and improving performance.
When you have completed this workshop, you will:
  • Understand and be able to work with clients with common medical issues such as osteoarthritis (of the spine, hip and shoulder)
  • Be able to apply best-practice approaches to training clients with low back tightness, disc problems, and spinal stenosis.
  • Understand how to apply a consistent and reliable process to assess, address, and progress your clients with chronic shoulder and hip issues.
  • Leave with the tools and strategies to differentiate yourself in the marketplace and attract more individuals who want and need your expertise.
  • Want to make plans to complete the IMS entire certification.




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