Piriformis Syndrome Causing Tightness


Corrective Exercise for Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis.

Dr. Evan Osar - author of Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunctions - discusses how corrective exercise is motor control training. And how motor control training is one of the first steps to improving function in older adults.

May is Osteoarthritis Awareness Month.

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Exercising with Osteoarthritis


May is Osteoarthritis Awareness month. Are you educating your clients about the number one thing they can do today to help their joints?

Dr. Evan Osar discusses the crucial conversation you must have with your clients who experience issues related to osteoarthritis.

For  more information and resources to help educate your clients about ways they can address their hip and knee issues, check out: 

Use code:  OSTEOMONTH and save 35% until the end of May. 

✅ Understand and be able to explain the process of osteoarthritis to your clients;

✅ Educate your clients about the best way to exercise to improve joint alignment and control;

✅ Empower your clients to improve their posture and movement and return to or continue the activities they need, want, and love to do.

CEUs available upon course completion through ACE, AFAA & NASM.

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