Why many clients struggle latissimus tightness


Latissimus tightness?

Dr. Osar shares one reason many clients struggle with shoulder mobility despite #myofascialrelease and mobility drills. 

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In Part 3 of our brand new series of Two Anatomy Geeks™: Anatomy of Common Shoulder Orthopedic Injuries we’ll be covering the latissimus dorsi and trees major and how to apply your anatomy knowledge to rows, planks, and pull ups.

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Shoulder mobility problems?


It could be the #subclavius is inhibited by excessive shoulder compression. Dr. Evan Osar - author of Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunctions - discusses a common issue and simple solution to #shouldertightness after a #shoulderworkout.

Do you work with individuals with shoulder issues like #rotatorcuff, #labraltear, or #bicepstendonitis? Dr. Evan Osar and Jill Leary - the Two Anatomy Geeks™ - will be sharing more great info in the brand new series: Anatomy of Common Shoulder Injuries.

During this brand new series, you’ll discover:

Why so many clients struggle with #shoulderpain and #shouldermobility issues;
how to use simple assessments and #correctiveexercise to improve #posture and movement;
how to integrate more optimal function into your clients #shoulderworkout.

Starts Saturday, September 10.
5 hours of content you can apply immediately with your clients.
CECs will be applied for once the series is completed.

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